michelle86 | 08.07.2018 | Reports - Place and Worship

Before coming to the House i had an aching desire to serve and put other women’s needs and desires above mine. Obedience was always something i strived for and was hoping to apply. Now, after reading the servitude training guide, the path is clearer in terms of howi can apply servitude and obedience in daily life. Practicing chores when alone, keeping a clean house and becoming a good cook for my Mistress to proper etiquette while sitting (legs never apart) and feminine posture are areas I am applying from now on.

Recently tendencies have shifted to become more reliant, giving and passive and will continue to apply in private and public. Respect of women and showing Them my appreciation wherever I can is an attribute im lucky enough to be practising already and will continue. My wardrobe is minimum at the moment, but panties are one items I do possess and will wear constantly.

As a first report – hopefully this exceeds Your expectations and You can truly see i am serious in making servitude and obedience the focal point.



  1. I do see that you want to focus on Service honey, but let Me share two things that will help you with this.

    One, never a need to tell a Superior what We should see. We do that on Our own with your actions and reporting.

    Two. Learn Correspondence Etiquette – as you are here to Train & Serve, and this is your opportunity to show Us respect. In reading Our communications to you, in learning Our techniques, and taking a submissive position in your writing.

Something to share sweetie?