alexis-megumi | 02.09.2019 | Reports - Domestic Duties

This sissy has a strong pull towards becoming a cute little maid in her cute little dresses. She even already has a maids outfit for the special occasions when she is allowed to wear it. She however has not had a Superior who enforced these tendencies and has been forced to do them at her own whim.

Nevertheless she has performed her duties at a good rate and has learned how to clean new things with different techniques acquired through youtube. She did learn from this training in the fact that there are different types of uniforms/dresses for different occasions. She however feels like she has heard about it in the past and since forgotten about it… hmmm. If she had the money she would go an get them now, but she must refrain as she has bills to pay. She will however look into making some new dresses with her newly formed sewing skills. To be honest, she is not good at sewing at the moment. But practice is key and she will get it eventually.

She will do her best to keep her place in good order and well maintained as required of her. She will even working on her cooking skills and drink preparation for her superiors. She enjoys cooking for others and always volunteers to do so when able.

little alexis, *curtsy*


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