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sissy maid sara has masturbated since s.he was about 10 years old. When s.he discovered it was a new world that opened up and s.he masturbated as much as possible. Anytime, anywhere. This has been going on since, even though s.he is in a relationship today. Sissy maid sara is weak. It takes so litte to be aroused and when she gets aroused, accidents happen quickly. Sissy maid sara has established a femdom relationship with he.r girlfriend and is in the start phase. We havent reached the sissification part yet. Sissy is working to completely change her mindset. Now, only Her and the Superior’s wishes are important. When s.he thinks that s.he no longer decides he.r own life, it tickles the whole body. And s.he know this is what s.he was born to do, being a sissy maid. Sissy maid sara has joined the House of Sissify, to learn more and how to behave, think, take care of he.rself and dress like a lady.

Now that sissy maid sara is under training at the House of Sissify and submitted to a schedule approved by the Masturbation Control Board, the real training starts. Sissy maid sara will become stronger mentally and resist all temptations. The sissy also use a full chastity belt as an added security, to ensure the best training results. To do otherwise would be to cheat he.rself and he.r Superior and negate he.r training. So, when sissy found out that he.r masturbation schedule has been approved, s.he was delighted and relieved. When sissy maid sara received mail from the Masturbation Control Board and followed the link to Masturbation 101 Assignment, s.he discovered a world that s.he is going to enjoy, as well as some has been partly followed before.

The sissy will now only follow the instructions in Masturbation 101 and the schedule. When s.he thinks about it, s.he feels fantastic and looks forward to the time ahead. The sissy has masturbated like this before and likes it alot. The sissy usually takes on a pink shiny sating night gown with garter belt and stockings, some lipstick, breast implants glued to the chest, and a butt plug of course. S.he lays on he.r back in the bed, he.r legs up and spread, but s.he uses a magic wand for stimulation. It is a wonderful sight to look down on the breast implants under the silk slip, and it feels so good moving he.r hand up and down the nylon stockings, touching the breasts . It makes moan when getting closer and closer. When s.he squirts, s.he squirts in a condom that s.he can put on a dildo and perform a fallatio, with holes in the condom. Sometimes the sissy squirts directly into he.r mouth.

The sissy feels happy to have become a member of The House of Sissify and s.he has a lot to learn, such as willpower and self control. The sissy must work with he.r psyche and control the groveling.

sissy maid sara

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Madame Stewart
1 year ago

A very well done report honey, but never – ever – do We say to use a chastity device. In fact, We say the opposite! It doesn’t help your will and self control, it’s a punishment device not meant for self use! So put that away, and keep yourself properly tucked until it’s your Special Day honey.