johnatoserve | 08.03.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

s.issy is very pleased with h.erself when s.he is able to make a Women smile and help in anyway possible. Making a Women life a little easier than the day before.Pleasing a Women is like breathing air. It come naturally. One of the Ladies at work found out that Her lover has cancer. s.lut went to there home with bouquet of flowers and a gift card to eat at Olive Garden. s.lut also committed to taking care of their pets when they need to travel to Salt Lake City for treatments.

Walking the proper way is something that has not been as easy as one would think. But with my daily training at the gym s.lut has a lot more flexibility and moving the hips as s.lut walks is looking a lot better than the old man walk of yesterday. During the past year s.lut has been reading everything that will help understand how to please a Mistress. s.lut receives three Women Mags per month. Becoming better at giving and passive as well as obedient and not in charge seems to be a behavior that takes over my actions. As long as i stay passive and think before s.lut acts it stays under control. Most important for s.lut is to respect all Women and learn from each and every Women that s.lut is able to be around. Wearing soft and sexy things like panties have been part of life for over three years.

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