michelle-w | 07.19.2019 | Reports - sissySexuality

Through exploring the House, this sissy has been made aware that mastering masturbation is an important part of her transformation into being an acceptable sissy. the male organ, hereafter referred to as the sissy clitty, has urges that can be a great nuisance, are frequently almost uncontrollable, and which require firm control. so, this sissy happily submitted to the House for Masturbation Control. she gratefully accepted the one day a week that she would be able to masturbate, and committed to follow the schedule and directions as set by the House. she then carefully read the instructions provided by the House on how she was to do it. since the procedure for a sissy was quite different from what she had done previously as a male, she reread the instructions again, and then a third time.

In preparation on her Special Day, she lay on her bed with legs and knees spread apart. she lifted her lower legs up, reached behind her lifted legs, and then then started to stroke her sissy clit with just her forefinger and thumb. she closed her eyes, and began whispering to herself that she was a pretty sissy girl. after several minutes of stroking her sissy clit finally emptied itself of its fluids over her fingers! OoLaLa!

This sissy brought her wet fingers to her nose and smelled them. it was wonderful! she then quickly licked her fluids off her fingers. she then used her fingers to gather up fluids that had initially escaped and licked them off again. she enjoyed the feel and taste of the fluids in her mouth. she then rose from the bed, walked into the bathroom, looked into the mirror. With a smile at her image she then swallowed all of the fluids!

This sissy commits to following the House schedule of one day a week for this action. This sissy hopes the Madam and Mistresses of the House are pleased with her efforts and her report.

respectfully submitted



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