Wanking 101

Masturbation 101

jo-anne-2 | 04.14.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

Sissy has read this Assignment twice all the way through, and I suspect s.he will read it again periodically. The thrust of this lesson is quite powerful. Sissy had in the past taken steps to kill h.er testosterone thereby eliminating the masturbation dilemma. But, sissy learned things in this lesson and for that s.he is grateful. One thing sissy learned early on in this lesson was the fact s.he could have retained her testosterone in order to receive the reward of masturbation albeit on a schedule.

Control: Being placed on a schedule by The Superiors places a whole new outlook on masturbation. This sissy feels an instant urge to comply in the most precise way to the gift of h.er day. Again, because of having been chemically castrated, the urge ‘to’ masturbate is very very minimal, but when Mistress says it is sissy’s day, even if your sissy clitty is limp, sissy very much enjoyed ‘trying’ to make h.er goo. Doing the act precisely as directed with the thumb and forefinger only generated a feeling of complying with Madam’s directions. A wonderful feeling of being ‘controlled’.

The section on a woman’s nipples being sensitive has become apparent to this sissy as s.he continues taking her herbs. The aureolas have gotten to almost silver dollar size and when stimulated even slightly, little bumps rise. This sissy loves the sensitivity. Wishing sissy had a Superior Woman available to be ordered to suckle her clitoris is just that… a fond wish. Sissy does realize s.he has a clitoris and NOT a penis.

This sissy appreciated the section on tucking if Mistress deemed it appropriate to go ‘out’. The section re-enforced the lesson on tucking and positive re-enforcement it was. As for giving Mistress a large penis, this sissy would be required to assist in finding it, as s.he cannot even get an erect clitty. It would be an honor to assist The Superior in finding a cock She would enjoy.

The elementary wanking section was revealing and instructional. This sissy had never held his clitty at the base with h.er thumb and forefinger. As sissy read this section again while writing this report, s.he had the urge to ‘again’ implement the teachings, but, sissy is on the masturbation schedule for Fridays at the moment, and automatically ruled the exercise out. S.he also felt proud to not touch her clitty. When sissy ‘did’ do this exercise last Friday, s.he lay on the bed with h.er legs open as if to accept a cock into her sissy pussy. Grasping the clitty at the base while unfamiliar, did result in the flopping of h.er sissy clitty. The clitty would NOT get erect, but the exercise was still pleasurable because sissy knew it was directed by The Superiors.

The getting erect section, while not applicable to sissy because of no erections, still was instructive. While stroking h.er clitty, sissy did repeat numerous times: this is my sissy-clit. It felt ‘right’ to repeat this phrase numerous times.

Regarding the stimulation – sissy ‘has’ read several of the stories and must admit, the forced feminization stories are the most stimulating to h.er. Sissy especially enjoys reading and visualizing serving Superior Woman’s clitorises.

Regarding the post-partem afterglow. One thing sissy can truthfully say is this – I passed the feeling ashamed feelings of being a sissy along time ago. Today s.he feels proud and in fact flaunts at times. s.he does apply lipstick post her wanking schedule as a sign of re-enforcement. S.he also applies lotion to h.er growing breasts.

While sissy always ate h.er own cum prior to h.er castration, she now must count on Superior Men to provide their precious liquid. Sissy ALWAYS swallows this cream and has indeed ‘acquired the taste’. If an inordinate amount of time elapses between loads, sissy becomes somewhat depressed. Cum calms this sissy; s.he would enjoy cleaning Mistress if She had needed cock.

masturbation 101As far as intermediate wanking, sissy does not think this will be possible since h.er clitty will not get erect. Had s.he known this was a want / requirement, s.he would have not killed of h.er testosterone. At the time, s.he felt the need so the receptors could accept the estrogen in the place of testosterone. The growth of sissy’s breasts in proof positive this has been accomplished.

This then is sissy’s report on masturbation. s.he only wishes s.he could kneel before a Superior Woman and with head bowed, quietly promise to obey in all things. Sissy is grateful for the lesson.


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