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Sissy michelle has been masturbating since s.he was 21—a late starter due to eight years studying to be a priest. S.he was introduced to it by a “friend” from the seminary who also seduced he.r—first sexual encounter, but more on this at another time.

sissy liked masturbating a lot after that and did it often in every imaginable place even through three marriages. So, sissy was very familiar with self-pleasure and the accompanying fantasies that got he.r aroused. Over the years, s.he had discarded the guilty feelings inherited from he.r Catholic upbringing. Masturbation, however, was an end in itself—until now. After reading the Masturbation 101 Assignment, s.he now sees that masturbation can and does have purpose and meaning. It is an essential part of my sissy training. By submitting to a schedule approved by the Masturbation Control Board, michelle relinquishes control of he.r body in order that s.he become more sissified and feminine. This sissy has only joined the House about a week ago and has kept he.rself chaste. To do otherwise would be to cheat he.rself and he.r Superior and negate he.r training. So, when sissy found out that her masturbation schedule has been approved, s.he was delighted and relieved. Following the link to the masturbation assignment, s.he discovered a whole new world based on her sissyness and femininity.

Taking the assignment seriously, sissy dressed, painted her toenails red and put on makeup. S.he read some of the feminization story about the boyfriend being turned into a girlfriend and went to he.r bed. Since being held in bondage is a favorite fantasy of this sissy, s.he tied he feet together and imagined being the slave of a beautiful woman. Although not achieving a full erection (age issues, perhaps), sissy did produce a substantial amount of cum which s.he then licked off her fingers—first time for that. This feels like a new life for sissy and appreciates the House for showing her for educating her in the right way of he.r sexuality.

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1 year ago

Wonderful report and this sissy can’t wait to hear more from you. This sissy is proud of her sissy sister for crossing the threshold of eating your own cum. <3

princess jimmie
1 year ago

this sissy would love to hear about the seduction too. Good report. In time this sissy bets that masturbation will become less important as being a submissive sissy is what really pleasures you. jimmie

Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Excellent intention and follow through honey! Now I just have to hear about your time in seminary. First seductions are always a great story…