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Wednesday, also known as Hump Day, the middle of the week when half the work week is done and you are halfway towards the next weekend.

So what more fitting day can there possibly be to celebrate, having been granted a special day. sissy jessica’s heart skips a beat when a little email pops up on her phone to say “Congratulations! It’s your Special Day!” and the gloom and drudgery of the work day is suddenly lifted. Those lovely people at the Masturbation Control Board deserve medals themselves for deciding when our chastity can take a break and we are allowed to fiddle with our pathetic little sissy clitties to our hearts content.

For the remainder of the day sissy can sit at her desk fidgeting in her seat trying hard to keep her roving hands above the desk and dreaming of the evening to come…

When sissy jessica gets home she can throw off her boring work clothes and sink into femininity once more, embracing the soft sensuous feeling of pulling on sheer stockings up her smooth shaved legs and a pair of the frilliest pinkest panties she can find. Now jessica feels deliciously girly once more.

Closing the door and shutting the world out, she can lie back on her bed with her phone and log into the House. Browsing the Lust for Lace section she scrolls slowly down enjoying the sight of scantily clad superior females, while her free hand slides slowly south. Fingertips slip softly across the front of her panties feeling her sissy clit twitch. Beautiful women in fabulous lingerie scroll past her eyes, their breasts bursting through the thin fabric of their gorgeous babydolls and camisoles. she clenched her thighs around her hand, pressing and massaging her little clit…

…still staring at the screen of beautiful Superior Women … some without panties revealing their clean shaved little pussies … sissys mind is filled with lust.. aching… shamelessly she is humping her hand which is now deep inside her panties….

… images of a naked woman with her legs high up over her head encourage sissy to try to copy her, sliding her panties down and bringing her knees up to my chest, displaying everything to the world….whispering to herself…
“I want to SERVE her… I want to BE her…”

…the throb of sissy’s pathetic little clitty in her fingers is overpowering… frantically rubbing… she is lost in ecstasy… and suddenly her sissy juice is trickling through her dainty slick and delicious

One final act to complete her sissification. Slowly she brings her fingers to her mouth … and licks… tasting her own sissy juice…. swallowing it down like a good sissy. It is intoxicating!

Closing her eyes, jessy drifts; a happy content little sissy.


Sissy sends this report to the Masturbation Control Board so they can grade her. she imagines them in their white coats and clipboards checking all the details and ticking boxes, making notes and drawing a graph for how this sissy is progressing in the House.

This sissy so loves being controlled in this way. Thank you to the House for these little pleasures. xx

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9 months ago

very inspiring, sweetie! thanks for the detailed report!

10 months ago

a really good sissy indeed. Something we should be inspired by.

Madame Stewart
10 months ago

We’re quite pleased you are using your Special Days effectively and joyfully! It has been duly noted on your Records.