bri505 | 07.22.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy wishes to thank you for the Zen and Servitude training assignment. Attitude towards submission is everything to be a worthy sissy. This sissy realizes there is much empowerment in tapping into he.r feminine essence that s.he has felt strongly for a very long time. sissy can begin to serve he. r Superiors right here, right now, in this moment.

sissy understands that servitude and submission, while these traits must be amazing to practice with a Superior, can be cultivated and honed in the present. There is no better time to practice servitude than now, by harnessing the innate femine desires sissy has felt for so long.

Life in the day to day can be a great teacher to this sissy. Honoring this sissy’s female essence by wearing pretty panties everyday while everyone around sissy thinks she is a man is a powerful reminder sissy is not worthy of her Superiors and needs proper training. However, sissy can take it upon herself to take up the training she knows she needs so she can truly serve well.

sissy has enjoyed learning and practicing how to curtsy. While still quite clumsy, s.he hopes one day to effortlessly curtsy in front of a Superior. sissy must learn to turn from hard to soft and from rough to hard. Pretty pink panties definitelt are helping in this department. sissy is collecting very nice sexy pretty panties to help with this. Wearing panties feels very calming. sissy also is planning to shave he.r body in a few weeks and is very excited for it.

sissy can also learn feminine poise to change from hard to soft. sissy practices walking like a girl and enjoys it very much (especially plugged!) sissy is also studying body langauge of women she is in regular contact with everyday. sissy knows these women are Superior to he.r. sissy knows these Superior women would laugh at he.r if they knew she wore panties, or practiced fellatio on he.r life like dildo imaging some day it will be a real man’s cock.

The Superiors would laugh watching sissy practice how to kneel. sissy tries very hard, but is still very oafish with this lesson. sh. e absolutely loves the feeling of bending both knees together and softly kneeling. This is so overwhelmingly sexy for sissy.

sissy is excited to learn from the feminine energy sh.e has inside, but sissy understands this can only take so far. sissy needs discipline and training and is looking foward to more lessons and assignments.

sissy is unworthy of the House and her Superiors. sissy is grateful to be able to submit this assignment to he.r betters. sissy thanks you very much for the opportunity to serve your needs.


sissy brianna


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