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This sissy has been forever waiting for a chance to start shaving and it finally came true at the direction and help of he.r lovely and caring Mistress. She also is this sissy’s Beautiful Wife. She not only helped me accomplish this but she was this sissy’s biggest inspiration and supporter.

This story has several parts and begins on a trip out of town for the weekend. It’s also a trip where this sissy finally got a chance to explore and he.r sissy self and the sissy he.r Wife(Mistress) wants and desires. Among these new things, Mistress took Her sissy on a little shopping adventure where this sissy got to do girly things and take on a new adventure. This sissy is writing to let her Superiors and sissy sister’s how grateful and wonderful it was to accomplish he.r first shaving assignment.

Part 1- Mistress’s sissy shaves legs for the first time

This sissy is no stranger when it comes to shaving and waxing he.r bikin line. That task has been something sissy jazzmine has worked on for several years and upkeeps very well. This sissy also does it as a requirement from he.r Mistress to stay smooth and locked. Today this sissy was instructed to only shave her legs and bikini line area from the waist down. Currently, Mistress also likes Her sissy to have a manly presence up top but that will soon be changing maybe? She has hinted that it will eventually need to be 100% which has kept this sissy on edge as to when?

First thing this sissy did was go to the beauty section of the store and pick out some womanly shaving cream, shaver, and aftershave lotion. This sissy was so excited to get to do this. Upon arriving at the shaving aisle, there were other Women there, which got this sissy really nervous. To add to the excitment and nerves, Mistress also kept talking to Her sissy saying things like, “This will work well for you”, “This smells pretty and will give you a lovely scent”. This sissy was so overwhelmed and wanted to run at first. Eventually, the nerves settled and this sissy focused on why s.he was here. There were many options to choose from but eventually, I settled on Pure Silk Spa Therapy shave cream that has soothing botanicals and is for sensitive skin. Next this sissy selected some Coochy OH SO SMOOTH Shave Cream for the bikini area. This was a recommendation from Mistress. Next, we searched for Coconut Oil Lotion which was found further down the aisle. The last item needed was a shaver in which this sissy selected the pinkest shaver s.he could find. The next stop was Bed Bath and Beyond where Mistress had me smell and sample several body sprays and lotions. While we were there She also had me select a body wash. This sissy selected a Bergamont Essential Oil Aromatherapy Body Wash.

After getting back to our luxurious hotel room with a jazuzzi tub and king suite, also one in which Mistress instructed Her sissy get for Her, this sissy was super anxious to get started on he.r shaving assignment. First order of business was to fill the jacuzzi with warm water so sissy could begin soaking. As the tub filled, sissy jazzmine added in some of the body wash oil. Once the tub was full, s.he stripped down and climbed in to begin he.r soak. At that time, Mistress also arrived to my side with a bottle of wine and two glasses. As Mistress’s sissy soaked, we recapped on this special day and She instructed me what She planned to do with Her little sissy afterwards but that’s for later!

Soon the time came to begin shaving in which She had me stand up and apply some shaving cream to my legs. The shaving cream was diligently applied and lathered on. As sissy did this, s.he couldn’t contain the excitement and was eager to begin but Mistress saw this and starting coaching this sissy to calm down and enjoy the moment. After taking a deep breath and calming down Mistress handed Her sissy the razor. Mistress gave a few pointers and suggested the best place to start was at the ankle and work upwards. This part seemed to take forever but it was worth every second. This sissy took her precious time making sure to not miss anything taking short and careful strokes. After about 5-6 strokes the razor would clog up and need to be rinsed out. Mistress was all so kind when she helped me do behind my knees as She didn’t want Her sissy to cut he.rself. She explained that it’s one area to be careful on as it’s very easy to cut yourself there. As I was shaving, She gazed upon her little sissy with the biggest smile and enjoyment, which was also very nice and encouraging to see since it’s this sissy’s main goal for he.r Mistress.

This sissy was so excited and loved the feeling as s.he shaved her legs. The thought of touching her smooth legs was almost unbearable. After rinsing off the temptation was too much and this sissy ran he.r hands up and down he.r smooth legs. Mistress was right there asking, How does that feel sissy jasmine? With much excitement, sissy replied back, “Excellent and Lovely”. Last but not least She handed over the Coconut Oil Lotion and instructed Her sissy to apply it. I graciously did and basked in the pleasant aroma of it. She asked, How does sissy like it, and sissy replied very much and can’t wait to use on a daily basis.

The last part of the story was as sissy jazzmine finished cleaning the tub and putting items away, Mistress pointed to the bed and said get dressed when you’re done. As sissy gazed over to the bed s.he noticed a new outfit that s.he never seen before. The excitement was too much but than sissy got to see what Mistress had on. There next to the bed was Mistress in the sexiest lingerie this sissy had ever seen but what even got this sissy’s eye more was what was dangling between Her legs. This is where Part 2 of the story begins!

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Madame Stewart
1 year ago

What a lucky girl to have your Superior loving you up like this! I expect to see some excellent reports on Servitude, Foot Worship, Cunnilingus and Domestics for your Goddess!