bubble bath glamour
sammyliotta | 11.02.2019 | Reports - Girlish Essence

sammy has never shaved before. Her face of course, but never her legs, her arms, her chest, her booty ..oh my.

This girl was so excited she read Mistresses instructions over and over. When the day came, she was ready. Sissy ran a luxurious hot bath adding a lavendar bath ball.

Everything was prepared round the bath, a mirror (so she could see her booty), a towel, shaving gel and he venus razors. Oh so exciting.  After the ten minutes were up, sissy soaped up her toes and leg and then proceeded to shave carefully one leg at a time. Wait, what. Silly thought her hair would come off very simply and easily, but no. NO. This sissy isn’t particularly hairy, but her razor kept getting clogged with hair. Eventually after multiple rinses, lathering and shaving her legs, arms, chest and booty were nice and smooth. Of so she thought. Sissy could not believe the hairs remaining in the tub when she was done. My oh my. Sissy had lotion-ed up her body and headed out to run a few errands, As s.he was driving she stroked her thighs astounded at how smooth and soft they felt. Oh this was so good. Wait. whats that. Sissy noticed a few light patches of hair on her arms and her knee that she had missed. All sissy could think about was getting back home and shaving those things off.

Sissy don’t think she can ever go back to a hairy body now. It’s just so nice and clean and soft. Thank you so Mistress for making this happen for me- it’s wouldn’t without you!

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9 months ago

Nothing compares to the sily smooth feel of hairles legs and stockings

Madame Stewart
10 months ago

Wonderful honey. Now keep it up, and make it a ritual!