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This is my first Training Assignment and it means a great deal to me to make a good and proper first impression. These lessons will be absorbed deeply into my innermost being, becoming second nature in my sissy mind. The process of ‘becoming’ is so thrilling and this new sister wishes to embrace it with all my heart. Taking care at all times to support my mistress, taking care of my personal appearance down to the smallest detail to please you, learning and using the proper vocabulary, practicing my new “arts” whenever a time presents itself – in secret, private or public – and always, always wearing my panties. And always, always treating all Women with respect.

Daily personal goals: Vowing to improve my posture and my physical appearance. Vowing to devote myself to my mistress. Accepting that whatever punishment comes my way for whatever failings may arise is being applied with the ultimate goal of my own improvement and attainment of whatever goals are set for me.

This and more shall this gurl do for you, so help me Goddess.

May it please you, your humblest student,

sissy cassandra

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Madame Stewart
1 year ago

While your intention is pure and appreciated, it’s important that you apply the Assignment and give examples of what you learned before submitting your Reports honey. Actions, not intentions make lasting change.