Masturbation Schedule
wetgoodnites | 08.03.2019 | Uncategorized

This sissy had her first allowed day to play with her clitty.

The day started with a warm bubble bath to get her in a relaxed mood. She then went to her bed and lay on her Disney princess sheets. She wore Pink panties (well at least at first), and a lacy bra.

As instructed, she only used her thumb and forefinger. It was a wonderful sensation. She sucked on a dildo the entire time to remind her she is a sissy, and lives to please her Master and Mistress. As she emptied her load on her palm, she sucked her dildo even harder. She then rubbed her clitty juice all over the dildo, and cleaned it up with her tongue. Sissy can’t wait until her next Special Day.

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princess sissy
1 year ago

what a nice experience! sissy loves sucking on a dildo and having a lovely but plug in and playing with her nipples. sissy loves the sissygasm that will come in time. congratulations!

Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Excellent work honey!