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joanna-cotton | 01.15.2019 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy is learning so much since being accepted into the House.

Firstly s.he is very pleased at been given h.er Special Days (Monday/Friday)

In preparation for h.er first special day s.he will embark on a proper shaving regime, sissy has already dabbled with hair removal many times, and generally is shaved in the most intimate region all of the time.

s.he is interested to read that the fore arms are an area for attention & will endeavour to concentrate on h.er arms, seeing hairy arms is most un girly!
Sissy is blessed with fair hairs on h.er body which aren’t too visible, even so smooth shaved skin is an adoreable feature for the feminine look.

Upon reading the useful tips and techniques for shaving in the Girlish Essence section s.he will start with a lovely soak in the tub.

sissy is returning to her assignment report an hour or so later, having bathed in a lovely big tub with low lighting. s.he is feeling fully relaxed and smooth! this will be h.er preferred method for all hair removal duties, time permitting of course.
sissy’s leg are now lovely and smooth having been moisturised thoroughly, s.he will be taking this opportunity to sleep with bare legs this evening (s.he loves to sleep wearing pantyhose normally – s.he is not sure if this is an acceptable practice)

It is late now and time for sissy to retire.

Sweet dreams


  1. Many thanks, sissy really is thrilled to gain h.er shaved smooth badge – Yes Madame Stewart it has become somewhat of a ritual for sissy now, due to h.er travelling lifestyle s.he gets plenty of opportunity to relax in the tub and stay smooth.
    Even when sissy cannot be fully En Femme, it always nice for h.er to know that underneath s.he is smooth & in panties, never forgetting what s.he really is….
    (Curtsy) joanna x

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