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galatea | 12.11.2018 | Reports - Girlish Essence

To all the House Superiors and Staff, while on her knees and with her head bowed low, this sissy would like offer up her sissy assignment report on shaving. This sissy can only imagine the number of these reports that have come across your desks over the last 20 plus years and the sound of your groans with being presented with another report on a sissy shoring herself down are quite deafening, this sissy can only apologize for the submission of another of these reports and will try to go through it as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

This sissy first read through the shaving assignment several times to make sure she thoroughly understood the assignment and got all the details correct. Being the subject of severe razor burn in the past this sissy also did a little further research online to see what she might do, if not to prevent it, to minimize it. Then making sure she was wearing her mandatory panties and armed with her shopping list, she went on a trip to purchase the necessary shearing equipment. At the store she purchased a Venus Comfortglide razor, Skintimate Shaving Gel, by chance an Onyx Bathhouse LavenderCoconut bathing salt bomb, a sponge loofah, Olay body wash and some Secret roll-on deodorant. This sissy then rushed quickly home to get started on the assignment.

Upon arriving home this sissy promptly started running a hot bath and put in her bathing salt bomb. Then with the sound of rushing water and fizzing of the bath salt in the background she undressed and took her loofah and stared rubbing down the hair on her skin to loosen up the hair and dirt on her body followed by putting some baby oil on areas subject to razor burn. This sissy then sat in her tub for the requisite ten minutes before beginning to shave. Then like a lumberjack in the great northwest she lathered up and attacked her shaving like an old growth forest. Fortunately it was more like soft pine then hard wooded sequoias and she made quick work of her legs waist and private girly areas. She made sure to use short strokes and continually felt for missed areas, she then proceeded to her chest, arms and arm pit before finishing with the small her back. With no one to her inspect her this sissy did the best she could to feel around and make sure all area were properly deforested. Then she gave herself a final wash down with her body wash, stepped out of the tub, and she patted herself dry.

Once everything was dry this sissy went and applied alcohol to her sensitive areas prone to razor burn followed by her woman’s deodorant to help keep thing dry and prevent redness, then putting on a nice pair of blue panties this sissy went and finished getting redressed. Finally this freshly sheared sissy completely washed down the bath tub, and washed, folded, and put away the towels she used because, though a Mistress may be temporarily out the picture it should not stop a sissy from practicing for the day there is one. This sissy has to say she loves the feel of being completely shaved and can’t wait until she has the opportunity to do so again. Thank you once again to the House Superiors and Staff for taking the time to read this sissy’s report and she hope it meets with their approval.

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1 year ago

Wonderfully written with a lovely sense of humor! Doesn’t being smooth cause you to be all tingly? Inside and out? <3

Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Making your report fun and well written puts a smile on My face everytime girly! Do it some more! More reports and stay smooth for Me!