melissaw | 02.05.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

Sissy melissaw is without a Mistress at this time but s.he is committed to enhance her girlish essence and improve her general demeanour so that should the opportunity to serve a Superior or Mistress/Master arise s.he will have the necessary skills required to fulfil her role as required.

‘Servitude is in the mind’. This sissy is just taking he.r first steps into true sissyhood and while s.he already wears panties every day and he.r legs and body are kept smooth and hair free this sissy knows that s.he still displays many traits of her previous male (if not Manly) persona which need to be purged and replaced with more feminine attributes. Some of these are physical manifestations such as sitting and walking correctly but all require a reprogramming of the mind.

Sissy melissaw understands that this will be a long, and at times painful and humiliating process but with the guidance of the wonderful Mistress and Superiors here at the House s.he is sure that s.he can be a sissy to be proud of

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Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Resubmit with an action plan!