ecatepe | 02.04.2019 | Reports - Getting Real

A respectful bow to the Superiors of the House of Sissify who may decide to spend some of Their time on this report filed by sissy cecile.

I am very much a secret sissy. Apart from my Mistress, nobody knows that i am a sissy. Partly this is from habit, as this sissy became accustomed to hide this side of her identity since she had started as a teenager.

This sissy also kept it a secret to her Mistress for a long time, up to the point that she decided to purge everything and to ‘just stop with it’. And then did so a couple of times … As it became clear to this sissy that her ways and desires were truly part of her, she gradually came to the understanding that further purging would have no effect. Instead this sissy decided to embrace this part of her identity.

Finally, this sissy found the nerve to confess to her Mistress about her hidden desires. Mistress was taken aback by the sudden confession and quite annoyed by the fact that this sissy had not been open about all of this to Her. Mistress however also loved her sissy and gave sissy permission to move her clothes and lingerie to her dresser and to wear it under the condition that She would not be confronted with it without Her asking. Mistress also declared that this part of sissy was all well and fine in the confines of our household, but not to be shared out in the open. These were terms this sissy could very well live with it, as it suited her just fine.

Since then this sissy is adhering to these rules, while also giving her sissy side the space that is allowed. This means that sissy cecile will wear her garter belt, stockings and panties quite regularly under her regular clothes. It is such a thrill to wear such underwear while doing your business. This sissy does strive to be kind, understanding and helpful as much as possible at all times. And many times this sissy will sit down in the restroom at work as well, especially when she is locked up as well underneath her panties. As proof this sissy has enclosed a photograph of what she would be wearing underneath her normal cloths while at work. And yes, sissy cecile knows that is she is still rather unkempt apart from what is under her panties.

Having joined House of Sissify just now, this sissy has learned that even a secret sissy can do more than all that. So now this sissy will work diligently on further developing herself.

Curtsey and thank you to the Superiors for taking the time to read this report, hoping it is worthy of Their time.

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Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Excellent that you finally discussed this with your Superior – you’re now properly able to focus! (If you can wearing a garter and stockings to work that is….)