Aunt Flo
melissaw | 05.25.2019 | Reports - Womens Studies

I pleaded to be released … I begged the Superiors not to force me to become a sissy slut … but it seems that there is no escape and I am doomed to be transformed into a sissy for the amusement of my Superiors!

Whether by coincidence or as a penance for he.r protests melissaw was notified today that it was ‘Time for her first visit from Aunt Flo‘! … he.r heart sank … this sissy understands that these visits can be humiliating, very uncomfortable and difficult to deal with … (pouts)

But despite he.r protests s.he wouldn’t dare to disobey he.r Superiors so after drinking 4 large glasses of water sissy melissa rushed out to the local supermarket with a very bloated stomach to gather together all of the items needed for this experience. This sissies heart was pounding as s.he stood looking at the rows and rows of sanitary towels, panty liners and Tampons trying to find the most appropriate then picking them off the shelf and placing them in her basket (sissy melissaw humbly begs your Forgiveness s.he should have taken a photo of the basket at this point … sorry). this sissy also picked up Dulcolax (Correctol), Feminax Extra (Midol) and Deep Heat (Icy Hot) then made her way to the tills … sissy melissaw felt totally humiliated as the pretty girl on the checkout rang up my items with a grin.

On arriving home sissy melissa was desperate to wee so rushed to the bathroom and dropped her jeans and panties and sat down to relieve herself … after drying off melissa took the panty pads from the shopping bag, opened the packet and removed her first ever pad from inside … after removing the paper backing and carefully sticking the pad into the gusset of her panties s.he pulled them up so that the pad was held snugly in place (sissy chose not to insert a Tampon this time as s.he had only just come on but will later as Flo increases) even though these are thin pads (lites for first period) they feel strange between sissies legs … sissy melissa feels very self conscious and knows that s.he will be blushing with embarrassment when s.he goes out in public in case her pad is noticed. sissy then applied the Deep Heat to her nipples which immediately started to warm the sensitive buds and proved an irritant inside her bra for some time before needing to be topped up.

this sissy is dreading her next period when the pads will become larger, more noticeable and the whole experience will get a lot more uncomfortable but is grateful to he.r Superiors for blessing her with the generous gift of this most feminine experience which has reinforced he.r rightful status as a submissive sissy born to serve!

-Curtsies- -Curtsies-

sissy melissaw humbly begs forgiveness from her Mistress/Superiors for trying to escape he.r fate and for being impertinent and referring to he.rself as ‘I’ at the beginning of this report
Your remorseful sissy melissaw

-Curtsies- -Curtsies-


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