sissyginam | 03.04.2018 | Reports - Place and Worship

Servitude is about much more than serving; it is about earning the respect of others. If this sissy can do for others, then the sissy is doing for herself.

Part of the role of a sissy is to be visually and behaviorally appealing. Perfection is the goal in our visual, verbal, and behavioral presentation that helps others see us as worthwhile in their life. This sissy lives to make others happy, whether their needs are sexual or simply washing the dishes. This is the essence of servitude.

Each day, this sissy should be practicing her arts. Simple things such as practicing the curtsey  can make a lasting impact on how others see us and how we reflect upon our trainers and superiors. Cooking lessons and messaging are critical skills for the sissy to learn.  Laundry is a very important task of the sissy.

A good sissy will derive sexual pleasure from these chores, seeking to be perfect at making the whites white and the ultimate dish that pleases their Mistress. They will delight in these seemingly mundane activities, ensure their Mistress’ fineries are washed by hand.  Above all, a proper sissy will know their Mistress as well as they know themselves.

As Mz. Rebekka says “Always anticipate any Woman’s needs or desires for assistance…”

Love and Kisses ,
sissy ginam



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