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sweet_valentine | 04.18.2019 | Reports - Getting Real

What’s a sissy to do when she builds her life before realizing who she truly is and embracing the warm comfort of her sissyhood? Well, a true sissy finds every way in every moment she can to fill that void where a bogus man used to exist by nourishing the flowering sissy inside.

This sissy lives in the pink, frilly closet. she serves her beautiful Superior Wife in secret, doting on Her in ways that don’t reveal the sissy’s full devotion to serving Her. In other moments, this sissy practices her skills, trying to make the most of her limited time. For example, sissy will tuck and plug, put on her heels, and while she practices her sissy walk, she will have a dildo in her throat to train that pesky gag reflex away, or practice her female voice while strutting around on those six inch stilettos. This slut will come home at lunch for a quick but intense round of anal training. Just today, she worked up to a two-inch wide butt plug before scampering back to the office tucked into her pink glittering panties, sissy pussy still throbbing and pulsing warmly.

This sissy gulps down her gurl juice morning and night under the guise of vitamins. sissy is still not sure how she will explain her budding breasts to anyone once they start to show.

There are other ways to find outlets for sissy expression. This slut has been lucky enough to connect with a Dominant Woman that allows a safe space for this sissy to blossom and flourish through service to Her. Those are wonderful moments when this sissy feels truly alive as the gurl she was meant to be: on her knees, dressed and made up to the satisfaction of her Mistress, listening and obeying the will of her Superior. Bliss.

So, secret sissies, do not despair. There is opportunity to grow, to serve, to be the beautiful sissy that you always wanted to be, even if only for those brief but important moments.

The attached photo is this sissy in her element, painting the magnificent toenails of her Mistress.


  1. Oh valentine! What a wonderful Report. Ms. Leah and I giggled and thought about how wonderful your realizations are, and how they will help the girls that have yet to realize that being a secret sissy is a wonderful thing!

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