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Pleasuring Mistress

tiffydoll | 05.20.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

Worshipping Milady Chelle’s Pussy is one of Tiffy’s most cherished duties. This sissy exists to please and pleasure her Mistress – to let Mistress feel this sissy’s devotion with this act of adoration, love, and submission. As instructed, attitude is so important. This sissy loves the attitude of submission and service of pussy worship. The more submissive this sissy becomes the more arousing it becomes for both Mistress and Her slut. Sometimes, before beginning, this sissy kneeling (as instructed in this lesson) says, “I am a sissy. I am only a lowly sissy maid in training. My whole existence is to serve Milady Chelle with complete submission.” The first time tiffy said that, Mistress patted this sissy on her head and said, “Good girl!”
Tiffy is so grateful for the training provided in this assignment that has helped her develop skills and techniques which bring much joy and pleasure to Milady Chelle. After all, it is all about Her pleasure. Tiffy’s pleasure only comes from serving Mistress and giving Her pleasure. Tiffy is happiest when this sissy’s mouth, tongue, lips and fingers bring Mistress to convulsive orgasms. Sometimes when Mistress cums, tiffy feels so connected to Mistress that tiffy will have an orgasm too without even touching her worthless clitty. Tiffy has been working hard to improve her skills by studying, rereading this assignment, and practicing the prescribed exercises on a weekly basis. Of course this slut follows Milady Chelle’s training instructions exactly and enthusiastically too. Tiffy gets a lot of practice, because Mistress usually requires four or five orgasms per visit.

Tiffy employs all of the training skills that she has learned in this assignment, including finger techniques. One that is sure to bring Mistress to orgasm is, while kneeling at the side of the bed and licking and sucking between Her spread thighs, tiffy uses the middle two fingers of her right hand curled upward just inside and stroking Milady’s G-spot. Sometimes this causes Mistress to cum so intensely that She squirts. This really pleases Her and tiffy loves the intense pleasure that it gives Mistress, and the wet face it gives this slut.

Tiffy wants to thank the Superiors for this valuable training assignment and the pleasure that it has given to this slut’s Owner. Mistress says tiffy eats pussy just like a lesbian. Oh! What a kind thing to say!


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