mjpanty | 12.26.2018 | Reports - Place and Worship

This Assignment instructs rosebud in the proper mental attitude towards a Dominant Woman and all members of the Superior Sex. Adopting this attitude is essential to servitude and feminization. Above all, the proper attitude requires rosebud to surrender its personal freedom and shed its male behavior.

The only important desires are those of the Mistress. Thus, a slave must learn the skills necessary to please a Mistress. A slave must never question the commands of its Mistress.

This changed attitude also applies to everyday behavior towards rosebud must always act humbly and respectfully in the presence of any Female.

Concrete actions must accompany the correct attitude. rosebud has taken several small steps to begin to develop a proper mental attitude. it does the majority of the cooking and household chores. rosebud provides its Wife, on demand, with sexual satisfaction through manual and oral stimulation. (There is no reciprocal satisfaction to rosebud.)

rosebud has acquired its first pair of panties. it has learned to curtsy whenever it addresses its Superiors. it has enrolled in the masturbation control program and only masturbates in the approved manner.

rosebud is also changing its behavior toward Women in general. it does not leer at the breasts or bodies of Women in public, but instead tries to look towards the ground. it no longer views pornography that exploits Women, treats Them as a sexual object, or shows Their private parts. it does not interrupt Women when They are speaking.

rosebud is only beginning its journey to the Zen of Servitude. it will have to work hard to improve.

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princess sissy
1 year ago

very well done sister 🙂

Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Excellent! Badged!