kittycupcakes | 02.08.2020 | Reports - Place and Worship

Punishment. Many sissies crave it and the attention that comes with it.

This sissy however, has learned that being a brat as a cry for attention does not justify punishment. Real punishment should suck. this sissys Mistress – Mistress Dee made it very clear to me. She does not enjoy cheeky behavior. This sissy has he.r ass paddled so hard the other night that tears we’re coming out of he.r eyes. Every time this sissy begged for mercy this sissys ass met with the paddle or strap. This girl was as the point of breaking. Mistress has been extra diligent in making sure my ass is plugged. That im wearing panties 247. When i get cheeky or aggressive Shes very quick to verbally humiate me, correct me, and She makes me redo things the way She asked. Tasks as simple as folding towels or doing dishes have to be completed in haist and in correct order.

paddle her assThis sissy is happy to report as of September 5th 2019 – sissy kitty cupcakes has been serving Mistress Dee for one year! This sissy is very happy that Mistress Dee is he.r keeper and can not Imagine a better Mistress to serve. This sissy truthfully is living a sissys dream of submission. Serving in real life has shown me to watch my mouth. Think before speaking. Be respectful of not only woman, but also the small traditional way they do things.

This sissy believes that under Mistress Dees guidance. sissy will some day be able to reach he.r dream of earning a level 3 badge in all categories on Sissify.

This sissy would like to thank The House of Sissify, and Mistress Dee for allowing he.r to submit this report.

Curtsey to all Superiors.

sissy kitty cupcakes

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7 months ago

Absolutely, sweetie. Its a lesson this girl learned as well. lanna used to wrongfully believe that a Superior was there for this girls satisfaction. A sissy’s only purpose should be to satisfy her Superior, and always be ready to even leave her comfort zone to please her Superior.

sissy lanna

Madame Stewart
7 months ago

That cry for “please punish Me” has got to be one of the biggest turn offs for a Superior. If its a real infraction, the punishment must be real. If a sissy craves punishment, the first punishment MUST BE to withhold punishment! I’m so glad your Superior has taught you this important lesson, She has been very good for your training honey.