cielalithelle | 03.17.2019 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy does not know whether or not this report is done well enough, and seeing as this is first one since enrolling in the House, s.he is uncertain if s.he has completed the tasks to Superiors’ expectations. But, nevertheless, s.he has completed the lesson successfully and has enjoyed every moment of meditating on it. This sissy hadn’t realized just how much presence must exude a willingness to serve before beginning the lesson, but has begun to adjust her demeanor and thought process accordingly. For instance, this sissy has become accustomed to being stoic and keeping all emotions under lock and key, but as per the “Quality Replacement” section, she has begun to adopt a new, more emotional set of tendencies. It has been eye-opening for, but s.he has enjoyed the results of what s.he has accomplished so far on that front and will continue the reconditioning.

Pertaining to walking like a proper sissy, this sissy admittedly has some issues following the instructions provided as she does not own 5″ heels (or any heels, for that matter) yet. S.he apologises profusely for not properly executing her task and hopes this does not leave a bad first impression. On the topic of things this sissy struggled with, kneeling was among them. S.he has never been ordered to kneel before beginning the lesson and quickly realized that her flexibility on that front left much to be desired. S.he decided to include an image of kneeling in the required way as the Proof image, in hopes that her Superiors could critique her (and because she did not know what else she could photograph. Not having a phone limited her greatly in this lesson…).

Aside from what has already been said, this sissy does not know what else to include in this report. As a countermeasure against slipping up while not in her Superiors presence on the site, s.he has written down the questions listed under the “Redemption” section and refers to them daily in workplace, which has proved effective thus far. This sissy looks forward to beginning her next lesson and continuing her training in the House!


  1. sweet sister, oh my, what a fabulous beginning of servitude. treating every superior with respect is always desirable. sissy has received so much satisfaction seeing Women light up when complimented – the compliments must be sincere, of course. anther quick comments regarding sissy’s own continuing education, is that word “continuing”, sissy walks a path learning each step sissy takes, sissy knows the goal is continuing, get better.

  2. Great start honey! Referring to your daily redemption is an excellent tool. What can you do next? Apply these ideas to individual Women in your life – in your work – all around you. Tell Us in your next report how it changed your relationship with them, and how they started seeing you as one of the girls. It will happen honey, and you have two more levels of badge to go!

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