ickybaby | 11.05.2018 | Reports - Place and Worship

i had a dream. i dreamed that i would awake hours before Mistress to make her coffee, breakfast, and fellatio. i needed to shower and douche all those nasty little holes that i have. Cook her food, clean her house, and be as girly as i can be. (sigh)

That’s my dream. That’s what i need. Spending all day dusting and cooking just waiting for Mistress to come home and tell me the clothes that i should wear and that i should not play hello kitty so much.

Right here. right now.

Cooking, is a thing i do for my Baby-doll. It’s a need to feed her. Not only do i feel the need to clean her house and keeping her things in order, but that need that i have to her bio-mechanical form. i tend to her. i also tend to her friends. If Baby-doll tells me to Aid then i will give my aid. Food, drink, or fellatio. However, i worship my Baby doll. i rub her down with oils. i start with her neck and work her muscle until i reach her clitty and only if that is what my Baby-doll wishes.

keeping up appearances

In the mornings, before my Baby-doll is awake, i shower, shave and douche. Baby-doll picks out the things she wants me to wear the night before especially if she needs me to go with her. She lets me sissy up by myself. Baby-doll likes a plug up my foo foo too. i love to mincing i curtsy whenever i can with my place at the bottom of her feet.

quality replacement

When i was young i cannot recall ever being aggressive, stoic. self centered, demanding, in – charge, commanding, hard, nor rough. To this day i wonder why i was not as”out spoken” as my friends who were the same age but as the seconds g by i find that i wonder less and less.
mandatory panties!

i have a sense that many sissies that seek out this House have a difficult time being passive, emotional, self effacing, giving, reliant, obedient, soft, and smooth. i think that a certain type of conformity prevents them. As i said i was never held to those standards and i have no problems with wearing panties everyday. i love my panties.


{POUT} This sissy admits that this is a hard sissy function. i do not mean to be crude but after years of falling to my knees i have been damaged. (giggles) This does not mean that i do not try, i am just not pleased with my performance.


For all my years prancing around i am still very mindful of how i sit and how i look as i sit. Back strait, knees together, feet centered under my chair.


i belong to babydoll, she does what she wants and i understand.

women studies

All my life has been at wonder and awe at the female gender. There is no lack of respect here. Some envy perhaps. Days looking at my reflection wishing i had that or those would look good on me. i am as sissy and if you take this place away, take away my clothes and my makeup i would still be a sissy. i want to be a woman. i want to walk like a woman, talk and smell like a woman. (sigh) but i am a sissy and that all i could ever be cause i am not a woman. nor could i ever be one no matter what i did.


  1. It’s not only that many sissies (who once posed as men like yourself) need their male egos eradicated, it’s often as blind to see as black panties on a dark night. I suggest you keep reflecting, as you need to find your tendencies to fix, not focus on how good you already are. Resubmit without the pride for a badge honey.

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