sissy shaving

nicole67 | 01.21.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy thinks that shaving body is one of the most exiting and erotic part of transformation to a cute sissy girl, because s.he thinks that hair on arms, legs and chest are typically male attitudes and so s.he was very exited when s.he prepared the bathtub, letting in the hot water with a bubble bath, putting the pink razor and the pink shaving lather in place … minutes later s.he started with the lower extremities and later on with the upper extremities … and just in the moment when s.he thought wow everything’s fine and all the hair is removed s.he was not concentrated enough and s.he made a very small cut, but practice is everything … out of the bathtub for it was a wonderful feeling, without hair on the body skin feels so sensual, body feels so sensual more than ever when s.he applicated body lotion


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