Shaving Legs

Frillian’s shaving assignment

frillian | 02.08.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy has now completed he.r shaving assignment. This sissy, who thinks s.he should have been born a Superior anyway, has very little body hair and can dress without what there is being noticed. Once, when dressed, another sissy asked this sissy if s.he shaved he.r legs, when this sissy had done nothing to remove body hair. Nonetheless, this sissy likes to be as girlish as possible and undertook this assignment as ordered. The sissy has previously tried to remove what hair there is by shaving with a man’s razor and depilatory creams with mixed results. This sissy therefore looked forward to trying a Superior’s razor and was very amused by the puzzled look on the face of the Superior taking the money in Boots the Chemist when the sissy purchased a pink packet of lady’s have razors with pretty pink handles. This was almost as pleasure able as using the razors which were lovely and sensitive and caused no adverse reaction. The Mistresses clearly know what is best for their sissies in giving this instruction. The sissy begs to report that the assignment is now complete. Thank you Mistresses. (Deep curtsey).


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