Of course I flirt!
bmonica | 03.04.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Getting Real

Curtsey to Mistress and all the House Superiors,

sissy monica reflected after s.he read the assignment and realize during he.r (ugh male days) how oblivious it was to a Girl’s flirting and now understanding more sees how subtle Their ways were when They flirted. it truly is an art if done correctly. sissy learned it is important to be confident but also demure when flirting and to make sure s.he is using all the nonverbal communication available to h.er. s.he especially likes the communication one can use with h.er eyes and lips. key to using those two methods is how well you apply your eye makeup to look sultry with a hint of exoticism and to use the right shade of lipstick with a nice coat of lips gloss for that shiny sexy look so when sissy licks h.er upper lip or bites h.er lower lip the man is noticing. sissy monica also likes the use of a slight touch to the arm to show flirtatious interest. since sissy didn’t even notice it when it happened in another lifetime s.he is going to make sure s.he practices and understands each element of flirting and when to use them effectively. thank you Mistress and House Superiors for a well thought out assignment. curtsies and respectfully submits her report.


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