Ladies room etiquette

bmonica | 03.05.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Womens Studies

for Mistress Stewart and the House Superiors,

sissy monica curtsies, after reading the assignment s.he has arranged he.r bathroom with all the necessary items s.he would use. s.he now has the necessary feminine hygiene close to the toilet so when s.he peepees s.he has he.r moist towelette to wipe with. also handy is fresh spray to give a squirt before pulling panties back into palace. s.hs always keeps the seat down now as well, no boys live here anymore. when sissy enters her lounge area s.he looks quickly in the mirror gives he.rself an sissy affirmation, “you are a sissy, you have always been a sissy and you are a pretty sissy.” sissy has also redecorated he.r lounge with more appropriate girlie colors of purple and white, changed rugs, lights and shower curtains. this all reinforces who and what sh.e is.


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