Learning how to play with my clit

sissyslave | 02.17.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - sissySexuality

this sissy is very excited, it is her special day, this first one she really gets to participate in. she is trying something new, on her special days she will masturbate first, following all the rules and steps of course, then when she is finished she will choose an assignment to complete. This way this sissy knows her dedication is real, as she really wants to make the most of her opportunity.

sissy jamie starts by taking her thumb and finger as rubbing back and forth on her little clit. Oh the please a girl can feel! she positions herself on her back, legs up and spread as instructed to give the sensation of a woman being fucked by a Mistress or man, and she does this in front of her mirror. When sensations become strong enough after viewing all the materials the House provides us girls for our pleasure, jamie releases herself into a shot glass to capture all her filth. Immediately she puts on fresh lipstick, pulls her stockings tight and practices her sissy walk. A feeling of shame comes over sometimes, but following up with these actions helps. Now comes the toughest part for this sissy, swallowing her own filth. After jamie relieves herself she does not feel as motivated to do this action, but she knows the House expects this to be done and done with a smile and girlish enthusiasm. jamie smiles and enjoys every drop of her own filth, just as the House expects. she hopes one day mistress will help her try someone else’s juices.

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