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Zen of servitude

debi | 02.17.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Place and Worship

Dear Mistress Stewart,

This sissy wishes to thank You for the welcome to the House of Sissify. First this sissy wishes to apologize for the slow response to this assignment. Things have been hectic for this sissy recently, but this sissy will try to make up for it.

This sissy has completed the first assignment and submits the following report.

The Zen of Servitude
“A state of subjection to an owner or a master, Lack of personal freedom, as to act as one chooses.”

This sissy will keep this close to heart as a mantra. It will serve as the overriding mantra for her existence.

Right here right now
This sissy will begin to practice these activities and hope to perform them to the satisfaction of my Superior.

Keeping up appearances
Subjugating the psyche as well as the body. Both parts work together as a guide for the sissy to follow.

Quality replacement
This sissy has printed the lisy of qualities and will read them every day to focus her mindset on what is important.

Mandatory panties
This sissy has worn panties 24/7 for over 20 years now and off and on longer than that. This sissy loves what wearing panties says about her. And there are not adequate enough words to describe the luscious feeling of wearing panties.

This sissy must admit that she does not walk in aq feminine manner, but that will change. This sissy will start mincing her steps and swaying a bit.

This sissy will begin kneeling in the prescribed fashion.

As with kneeling, this sissy will begin practicing the prescribed method.

To submit without question a Women’s right to do as She chooses.

Women studies
Under this section this sissy regularly buys and reads several Women’s magazines, This sissy’s favorites are Glamour, Marie Claire and Elle. They have interesting articles and this sissy feels like this will help her mindset by keeping her thoughts filled with feminine ideas. This sissy loves to get dressed up and then curl up with one of these magazines. This sissy pretends she is a slave to one of the models awaiting the chance to serve Her and be of assistance.

This sissy has printed these 3 questions and will ask them to herself every day. It is as important, maybe more important than brushing her teeth.


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