my special day

bmonica | 03.07.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - sissySexuality

curtsey to Mistress and the House Superiors,

this sissy just ended her first period and had to miss two of my milking days last week, whewww!!! after sissy monica woke this morning the first thing s.he did was to take cleanse h.erself and then take a long bubble bath. after soothing and refreshing bath s.he laid on bed and began to touch herself and s.he is not sure if was because of the week long period and mental changes and thought processes but s.he could barely contain h.erself. sissy feels a little selfish in letting go so quickly and is sure s.he forgot to use an anal device but promises to be a better sissy when h,er special wanking day arrives this week. thank you Mistress and House Superiors for the privilege to milk oneself. curtsies .. respectfully submitted sissy monica


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