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jamiejane | 03.08.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - sissySexuality

House Superiors,

This sissy girl thanks you profusely for allowing her to stroke her little sissy clitty. She pulled her panties down and spread her legs
like a good sissy whore, using her hand to create the sweet friction her body needed to be tricked into release. She watched a sissy training video where a beautiful young girl in makeup, pearls and lingerie commanded her sissy to make her own masturbation porno. This girl put a large steel butt plug in her ass before she began and remembered to clean up her mess once the tension was gone, using her hand to scoop up her cream and eat every last drop as a good girl should.

This girl believes that focusing on her submission, pleading for permission for cummies while she touched herself, calling out her own sissy name and confirming her sissy slut status while begging to eat her own cum helped her to be a more humble sissy servant. She thinks that dressing in panties and pink fishnet thigh highs helped her to remember that she is not a male anymore, she is a sissy slut slave that scoops up cum with own hands and greedily licks it off her fingers like a whore, pretending that she is cleaning up one of her Betters after worshipping their glorious cock.

This girl felt really sexy and vulnerable eating her own cum after masturbating at your command. She thought that committing such a feminine act, eating cum, helped her to be more submissive and servile and to know that she belongs on her knees eager to please and willing to swallow. She adored the feeling in her little sissy clitty but also she was astonished at the pleasure in her pussy as she ground her ass against the couch and put pressure on her butt plug. This girl immediately bought a 7″ mountable realistic cock dildo as soon as she finished eating her own cum so that she might have a better toy to grind on, fill her sissy pussy, practice fellatio and hopefully one day have a hands free, pussy based sissygasm !

Thank you for your patience and direction, this girl knows that she needs a lot of training before she will be acceptable for use by a Superior and she values your efforts to mold and control her. Thank you for the cummies!


jaime j



  1. Madame Stewart

    I see your whole hand in use honey when it should be two fingers! Let’s review: “You are strongly advised, at first use only two fingers, your thumb and your forefinger, so you can learn to extract the maximum pleasure from those two digits only (later you can add others).”

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