Aunt Flo

sissy’s first period

bmonica | 03.04.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Womens Studies

Dearest Aunt Flo,

sissy monica was so surprised when he.r first period came. sh.e had to rush to the store to buy her pads and tampons. he.r heart raced ever so fast as sh.e stood in the feminine hygiene isle looking for the items you recommended. this sissy went home as quickly as possible and placed the thick pad on he.r panties and pulled them up feeling safe that sh.e had not had an accident. the experience helped this sissy begin he.r behavior and mental modification very well. sh.e did what Aunt Flo said to do and changed every time sissy used the restroom. sissy had to take several pads to work with he.r and there were a few times that a man was in the restroom and i was very nervous that he might hear sissy opening the wrapper for the pad and peeling off the backing, it makes a crackling noise when you scrunch it up to through away. sissy is happy to say that today is the last day of my period and have used a liner as directed. sissy monica is looking forward to her cleaning tomorrow. the assignment also gave this sissy a deeper understanding of what a Woman goes through. this sissy is sure sh.e will even learn more and have a deeper understanding of the symptoms true Women go threw as sissy adds additional items to her next period. thank you again Aunt Flow and to the House Superiors for creating this assignment.

respectfully submitted sissy monica

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