sissy taylors first time shaving.

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Hello Mistresses this is sissy talylors first time shaving and s.he would like to start off saying WOW women are amazing, this whole experience has really brought a new perspective into he.r life. So lets get started from the beginning sissy talyor spent about three days doing research on the best ways to get rid of he.r nasty body hair and after long hours of reading forums and talking to some of he.r sisters s.he decided to try two different methods. sissy then went to the store and bought a new razor some sweet scented shaving lotion and some Veet Gel Hair Remover Cream. Once she arrived home she drew he.r bath put some lavender bath oil in and soaked for about 20 min (sissy now sees why he.r past girlfriends took so long in the tub 😀 ) then s.he took out the veet gel and carefully read the instructions as to not hurt he.r skin. Finally after a few nervous minutes this sissy spread the cream all over he.r chest stomach and arms careful not to get in onto the sensitive nipples as she has heard nightmare stories of blisters and bleeding, so scary but sissy was determined. As sissy was waiting the 6-10 minutes s.he could feel a slight tingle almost like a numbness on he.r skin, the time ticks away very slowly when finally the ringer goes off startling sissy just a bit. S.he then goes to work removing the gel from he.r body and as she makes the first wipe down the hair just melts away it was so surreal after 18 years of a fairly harry chest there was a naked spot with no hair as smooth and clean as sissy has been in a long time. After a few minutes s.he finally gets all the gel off and starts to notice the cool air on he.r naked skin and a shiver runs down he.r back, with both pride and a bit of arousal s.he starts for touch he.r skin and it was so erotic sissy has only felt this after he.r previous girlfriends let he.r touch there legs after they had shaved. It was sensual thats the only way sissy can describe it and after a few seconds of this he.r clitty was thinking the same thing. Now on to sissy’s legs and little clitty this time s.he was going to shave for two reasons one being that she was afraid of putting the veet gel on he.r sensitive parts and two she wanted the full feminine experience shaving he.r legs.

So after a quick dip back into the tub sissy started on he.r clitty, s.he carefully stretched out he.r skin and slowly bringing the razor in a upward direction starts to take off he.r nasty pubic hair. It took 30 minutes to finally get all of sissy’s clitty cleaned up but it was worth it the cool air the smooth feeling as she rubbed he.r self with a little bit of lotion…. just thinking about it now is making sissy so horny, and speaking of horny he.r clitty was really enjoying the extra space but it will just have to wait we are not done yet. So now we are about 1 1/2 hours into this process and sissy still has to do he.r legs by the way have mentioned how amazing women are for doing this there whole lives?!

After another quick dip in the reheated tub s.he starts to lather up he.r legs (god the lotion smell combined with the whole experience was keeping he.r on edge) s.he starts at the ankle and slowly pulls the razor up and again feels the cool sensation of air hitting he.r newly naked skin, sissy then gets to he.r knee and runs into a bit of a problem s.he cant quite see the underside and in he.r haste accidentally cut he.r self… ouch. S.he then has to find the right position and after about 2 minute finally is able to clean up that trouble spot and is able to continue up the leg to the thigh finally it was time to start on leg number two this one was a little easier as s.he had corrected he.r mistakes from the first and s.he managed to get the whole leg finished without a single cut! Overall sissy only cut he.r self twice (very minor) and was able to complete the whole body hair removal in two and a half hours, this took so much out of sissy but now s.he realizes to look pretty it takes hard work and dedication two things sissy will always strive to have. But wait sissy almost forgot after s.he was finished s.he had to put some lotion on so that he.r skin would be silky smooth and sissy still had little date with he.r clitty 😉 …. dont worry its one of he.r special days. As she rubs the lotion all over an excitement starts to course though he.r not just arousal but a true sense of femininity, one the lotion was rubbed in the majority of he.r body s.he paid special attention to he.r clitty and he.r nipples the combination of lotion, nakedness and the cool air hitting he.r all at once allowed sissy an orgasm that sent he.r spamming uncontrollably, it was the best self pleasuring that s.he has ever had.

In all, this is an experience that sissy will not be forgetting and certainly one that s.he will be doing for now on. It gave sissy a truly insightful look at what real women go through to make men happy the time and effort that is all overlooked and never appreciated. Thank you Mistresses for allowing this sissy to feel this feminine it was a wonderful experience that will be new routine in this sissy’s life for now on.

Your submissive sissy




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