Sorry, I'm on my period.

sissysarah’s first period.

sissysarah7 | 02.16.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Womens Studies

First thing sissy did was go out shopping for sanitary pads and tampons as well as some syrup and strawberry yogurt. It was so exciting for sissy to be standing in the feminine hygiene aisle with other Women shopping for the same exact things. sissy got some dirty looks from some of the other women as if they were trying to say “what are you doing here. It made sissy’s heart race, she was so nervous fumbling around with the boxes of pads and tampons trying to pick out the perfect size and absorbency. sissy finally picked out the items she needed correctly she believes.

Once sissy got home she read over her Aunt Flo notification program email again thoroughly as not to forget anything. sissy wanted her first period to be perfect. sissy began drinking lots of water as directed. Then sissy got out her pads and applied a pad to her panties. before attempting to insert a tampon sissy made sure her bowels were super clean by administering repeated enemas until the liquid finally came out clear. it took about 5 enemas to completely clear sissy. she then inserted her tampon and added some strawberry yogurt onto her pad, about 1 teaspoon as directed. sissy plans on trying out syrup on her next pad to see which she likes better.

In conclusion sissy feels that this assignment was deeply gratifying and feminizing. she is much more feminine than she ever was before this and greatly appreciates the Superiors of the House of Sissify for making this assignment available to her. sissy is going to continue her period over the course of the next few days and looks forward to her next cycle which will increase in severity. sissy would like to thank whomever at the House may be reading this and hopes u enjoyed her report.


(sissy has added photo evidence of her tampon in her sissy boi pussy as well as a picture of her padded stained panties.)



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