jennifer-14 | 11.30.2015 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy’s new mantra is, “accept, commit and move forward.” prior to tucking this sissy is smooth and shaved, this sissy colors it’s pubic hair a darker color so it shows through lighter colored panties emulating the triangle females have naturally. once properly tucked this sissy pulls a smaller panty (6) on, securing its little sissy clit and then slides a normal size panty (7) over the smaller panty, the feeling is oh so silky and girly feeling. high waist pantyhose are pulled over the two panties further entrapping my sissy clit further creating a smooth flat front, finally this sissy pulls on a third pair on panties over the pantyhose so this sissy is constantly aware of the sensations of the panties and hose, but this is more than just about a sensation, its about appearance and a mind set. this sissy marvels at how it’s appearance has improved, smooth and flat, flat is feminine, feminine is better, this sissy must be more feminine, “accept, commit and move forward.”


    1. jennifer

      Dear Ms. Stewart,

      please help me, this sissy desires to fill your request for photos, yes it has one, but am unable to find a way to attach them to this response. if you would be so kind as to direct this humble sissy as to how to attach the photo it will fulfill your request. if you wish more than one photo, this sissy will take more, tell me what you desire. with love jennifer

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