Bubble Bath
jennifer-14 | 12.08.2015 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Girlish Essence

With the exception of electrolysis, this sissy has tried all types of hair removal with varying results. depilatories work very well and have kept me smooth all over the longest, but if this sissy has shaved recently there can be burning from the chemicals of the depilatory, not fun. shaving in the shower is a lazy sissies attempt to follow the orders of shaving listed in sissy shaving.

While both the depilatory and shaving in the shower accomplishes the goal of shaving it also demonstrates a sissy is not a sissy willing to surrender control and follow directives. preparing a bath is like preparing ones mind for a uniquely feminine experience, just imagine a woman as she luxuriates in a nice warm bath as the water caresses her body, would we all like to have the form of a woman? for this sissy the answer is yes.

Right now this sissy is having problems with her hot water for her bath so, this sissy has to fill the tub by transferring water in a plastic bucket until the tub is filled. should the bathwater be unscented of course not, so calgon moisturizing oil beads (lavender and honey) are added, so flowery. The temperature of the water is 114 degrees. this sissy gingerly lowers itself into the hot water. when entering you can feel the oiliness of the water that the beads have added. after about ten minutes of relaxing this sissy starts shaving its legs, first the right leg then the left leg. rubbing my legs with the oily water this sissy is able to feel any places where the shave is not as close as it should be, a few quick stokes then smooth and oily. this sissy likes the slick sensation of the oil on its body and wonders what it would be like to tan using oil, a nice all oily sheen all over. its now time to start shaving to create a nice girly triangle above my sissy clit. after completing shaving all over, there is a good sissy little clit tuck, with nothing protruding from body, there is just a nice girly triangle. is there a difference in shower vs. bath, you bet, the bath gave a was a much smoother shave by soaking and softening the hairs better than a shower. the final step is moisturizing, omg this sissy feels so smooth, it feels so good. lesson learned follow the directions on this website to be a good sissy. be a sissy, a sissy accepts direction reset your mind submissive is better, this sissy will be submissive


  1. wonderful report. this sissy loves lavender scents also! nothing is more relaxing than shaving and the process of drying off and fully moisturizing. as sister does this she is transported by the smooth skin she feels all over her body!

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