jennifer-14 | 12.17.2015 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy wishes to share its experiences and progress in its tucking assignment. the first day of tucking went smoothly (no pun intended). throughout the day this sissy’s smooth front is presented for the world to see with pride. all day my sissy testicles have been pushed into place leaving a dangling piece of flesh below my little sissy clit. this sissy wishes that piece of useless flesh would form into two soft lips to nestle my little sissy clit into, anyway this sissy is fantasying instead of focusing on the task at hand, please accept this sissy’s apology. throughout the day, this sissy can feel the lining in its slacks and its sissy panties rub against each other, the sensation is so slick and sensual. in the past this sissy would have had the urge to take its sissy clit into its hand and childishly relieve itself, but not this day. a couple of things this sissy has noticed, long term tucking seems to inhibit its sissy desire to play with its sissy clit and the sissy clit seems to shrink, almost like a turtle pulling its head back into a shell and what is wrong with that, nothing after all it is about creating female front and who wouldn’t want that, not this sissy. today is the sixth day of tucking for at least seventeen hours, as the days pass sexual inhibitions increase, the look of smooth panty’s in the mirror looks wonderful. this sissy pledges to resist all urges which question the path it is taking, wish me luck in being strong in my resolve in moving forward. thank you, jennifer


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