Let’s go Shopping!

jonna-2 | 02.24.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Womens Studies

Dear Superiors,

sissy jonna was out for shopping yesterday. sissy was in the need of new shoes, skirt, blouse, panties and bras.

sissy went for shopping dressed as male person. First s.he went to find heels, jonna made a choice of shop having many models, opened the door and looked around. Assistant said hello and then asked ‘what you are looking for’. sissy also said hello and continued that s.he is looking ladies shoes with medium size heels. So now new question ‘to whom are you looking them, which size and colour’. sissy said ‘ they are coming me, i need nice, well looking black shoes which are fitting me well. In this stage assistant took a deeper look at sissy. sissy said that I need them when s.he is wearing ladies clothes – so assistant smiled and said ‘ I understand, please come here, here are your size and she was very helpful. Another customer came in also and she had to assist her also. Assistant succeeded well with me and with her. Even sissy asked opinion from another customer when s.he was fitting one pair of shoes. Sissy found nice ones and asked assistant how to pay and sissy walked with her to pay by credit card. sissy said ‘ thanks a lot, your were very helpful and surely next time shopping here’ . She smiled and said ‘welcome again, it was my pleasure to serve you’. When next time comes, sissy may go there dressed as a lady.

Today sissy will go to by lingerie and perhaps something nice more – sissy will report that next time.

Curtseying to all Superiors,

sissy jonna


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