tiffydoll | 12.19.2015 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Place and Worship

This is tiffy’s first report at The House. Its humble opinions are formed from training by a few wonderful Mistresses over the past 10 years, and studying and contemplating “Zen of Servitude”, my first lesson. I believe that servitude is a manifestation of an attitude of submission, humility and service. For a male slave, feminization can often be a path to humility and submissive servitude. My current Mistress started my slave training all over again from scratch to ensure that i was trained the way She wants Her slave to serve. A few months ago She introduced feminization training by taking me shopping to buy tiffy panties and thigh highs. Since that day we have been shopping many times and now she has me trying things on in a store and buying my own panties ad nighties. tiffy loves it! And tiffy loves Mistress for turning her into Her sissy sex toy. tiffy loves to serve and pleasure Mistress.

Thanks to Your training, tiffy is more aware of Mistress’ needs and desires and has a stronger awareness of what it means to serve. To paraphrase the last paragraph of “Zen of Servitude”, each day tiffy must ask, “Have i served Mistress today? Have i placed a woman’s needs above my own. Yesterday tiffy wished Mistress a good morning in a text, then added, “How may it serve Mistress today?” ( thanks to Your training). She replied, that if it happens to come to Branson, please bring an ice tea to Her office.

Well, I wasn’t planning on going to Branson, which is a twenty-five mile drive, one way. But knowing mistress wanted an ice tea drink, tiffy drove to Branson, bought an ice tea for Mistress, and delivered it to Her office. It felt so good to make Mistress happy and know that it was a good servant. Later when Mistress discovered that the only reason it came to town was to serve Her, She was very happy with Her slave, and the training that it is getting at The House of Sissify.


  1. That story about bringing tea to your Mistress was great dedication tiffy! Hopefully this girl can be just as dedicated like that on a daily basis as she furthers her studies in servitude.

    1. Tiffy will learn to better anticipate her Mistress’ needs by trying to be more aware and focusing on Her needs, by diligent study of the assignments at The House of Sissify, and from instruction of Mistress Stewart and other Mistresses on the Faculty.

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