Shaving Legs

Smooth Sissy

beretta35 | 12.17.2015 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Girlish Essence

Mistress…after holding on to sissy’s last vestige of masculinity for so long….sissy finally shaved her body. Knowing this should have been done earlier, sissy had hoped she might return to a masculine position someday. This sissy kept sliding further into a more sissified state until now there seems to be no way out. I do love the feel of sissy’s silky skin now…..sliding panties up sissy’s legs is a real turn on. Furthermore, the feel of stockings encasing my legs is to die for…..babs used a good depilatory and a brand new razor to make sure she had no stragglers. Sissy was nervous at first but as she kept going felt more confident that this is her true calling. To make her body perfect for her mistresses……
Curtsy, babs


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