Zen of Servitude

nikki57 | 12.25.2015 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Place and Worship

Dear Ms Stewart and House Staff

This sissy thanks you humbly for accepting her into your training program. This sissy has started the servitude assignment, unfortunately this sissy has not been performing well at all, her male behaviours are still very evident and this sissys’ Wife, Mistress and Superior is not impressed. Luckily the first visit from Aunt Flo helped a great deal. Mistress instructed this sissy to purchase Dr Whites sanitary towels and belt in addition to Tampax super tampons. Being “on” improved this sissys behaviour, the sanitary towel helped greatly with tucking. Mistress has purchased firm control panties, which also prove excellent for tucking.

This sissy has massaged Mistress feet and taken on all cleaning, cooking domestic duties. This sissy will make extra effort in the assignments ahead and submits to all female authority.

yours very respectfully, tucked, pantied and plugged



  1. Madame Stewart

    Whoa honey! You submitted on Servitude, but mentioned your Aunt Flo, Tucking and Domestic Duties! We would prefer if you spent the time to work on each assignment individually and reported on each one when you feel you have learned from the experience.

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