First taste of cum!

alissar | 01.04.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - sissySexuality

Greetings Mistress,

This sissy would love to express her gratitude in helping the sissy one step closer to her true self! Upon waking up sissy alissa checked her email and saw that her masturbation schedule was assigned to her, and that she could soon relief herself from her imposed abstinence. As the special day came, alissa woke up eagerly and made sure to shave and dress in her special panties and bra. After reading the required masturbation instructions, the sissy read the approved fantasy of the day while using the basic techniques to become aroused. After she became aroused, sissy put on a condom to make sure to catch all of the sperm, as she did not want a drop of it to spill. sissy alissa tried her best to imagine that she was trying to stroke a real man’s manhood, and she would try different techniques of rubbing his shaft and different areas of his penis to get the most pleasure out of the experience. As sissy was about to cum, she made sure to concentrate at the base of the shaft, and as she did so sissy had the most incredible and blissful orgasm that she can remember. In her moment of ecstasy, sissy was careful to remove the condom from her shriveled sissy clit and gently poured the essence into the palm of her hand. sissy took the time to smell her cum. It smelled musky, but not disgustingly so. sissy knew that if she was to as she was commanded by her mistress it was now, and sissy took a tiny lick of the cum, felt the warm and slick essence on her tongue, and then with all of her will, eagerly poured the cum from her hand into her mouth. As sissy could feel the warm stickiness go past her lips and bath her tongue and mouth, sissy kept it there to make sure to savor the taste, with was a little salty and musky, but not a gross as sissy thought it would be! Afterwords, sissy usually gets out of her girly items (except for panties of course!) and goes on with her day. but instead sissy put pulled up her panties and but some pantyhose on as well to keep things secured and to remind sissy of what kind of day this was, a special day to be cherished and continually reminded that she is under Mistresses control, and to maintain her sissy ways. Needless to say it wasn’t to long before sissy became horny again and do it all over again. And as sissy pulled down her panties, sissy couldn’t help but giggle as she saw a dried spot on her panties of were some cum had dried up, imagining that it was cum that drained from her sissy pussy to dry in her panties to remind her of who she really is meant to be.

with love and affection!

sissy alissa

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