sissyjordan22 | 01.09.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy has been making mistakes when it comes to its pursuit of a Mistress. jordan has been trying to get a Mistress so that it can get pleasure for itself, but has now realized it’s not about the pleasure of the sissy at all, but the pleasure of the Superior. This assignment has really opened jordan’s eyes in several ways. The first way is in regards to obedience. sissy jordan now only wants to serve the Superior and do whatever it can to please Her, regardless of how this sissy feels about what it is being told to do. This sissy only wants to please Mistress and will do anything that She asks. Before reading this assignment, jordan had the audacity to think that this was in any way about the sissy getting pleasure. This sissy now knows that to get a Mistress, the sissy must engage Her and make Her feel secure both financially and in regards to Her confidence in the fact that Her sissy will do anything to please Her. sissy jordan has a job and makes pretty decent money, so that is a good start in regards to the need to have money to become the sissy girl it wants a Mistress to mold it into. Another thing that jordan has realized is that it is important to be who this sissy is and not hide it from a potential Superior. jordan is planning to go to a few bars this weekend that have drag, something this sissy has never done, and try to find a Mistress by having its panties stick out from under her tight jeans. Even though jordan has been dressing for about a year, this sissy will still act shocked if a potential Mistress points out it’s panties. This sissy is so happy and thankful to Ms. Stewart for posting this for all sissies on Sissify to see, and to Ms. Selena Alcott for writing it. This sissy feels reborn and ready to turn over a new leaf, it just has to find a Mistress willing to train it. 🙂


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