The Zen of Servitude

stephaniesilk | 01.05.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy has been wearing panties full time for close to a week now. Working out, buying groceries and even going to work, are all done whilst in panties. The fact that these garments are always on has been changing how this sissy thinks of herself. There is no more pretending to be man, there is just a sissy in a man’s clothes. Every move that is made makes me keenly aware of how unfeminine my current state is. S.he now realizes that efforts can be made to improve appearance, posture, and demeanor.

The panties also seem to be increasing the sissy’s awareness and empathy. Little things like offering someone the remote, volunteering to help clean up, and less speaking out of turn have been on the rise. Perhaps the panties have opened this sissy’s eyes to the fact that it is okay to want to serve, and to want direction. One hopes that this trend continues to grow over time.

Thank you for reading this report.

Hugs and Kisses,
stephanie silk


  1. Madame Stewart

    I never, ever give 5 princess points unless Our sissy understands the Assignment, puts it in her own context… AND provides a picture. But this time, your reflection of the Assignment was so clear – and exciting – that you received 5! Keep those panties on honey, and watch everything change! 🙂

    1. stephaniesilk

      Thank you Ms. Stewart for providing this aspiring sissy with the guidance necessary to grow as a feminine individual. S.he is continuing with her assignments, and hopes to further please the House.

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