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firenze | 01.09.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - sissySexuality

This undeserving sissy wants to apologize to the Board for not reporting on he.r special days for so long. Your ministrations have been gratefully received but this sissy has been unable to masturbate he.r clitty as Mistress has kept he.r locked up because this sissy has been so poor at completing he.r chores.

Having been duly punished, this sissy’s clitty was released by he.r beautiful Mistress this week and he.r clitty was bursting with excitement at the opportunity to spurt. Mistress has been keeping this sissy in panties throughout he.r punishment and he.r girlish thoughts have been very impure. On receiving he.r notification and approved fantasy this sissy duly stretched he.r ass and thought of sucking on a juicy cock whilst masturbating.

It has been so long since this worthless sissy has had relief that this sissy squirted he.r sissy juice very quickly all over he.r panties before luxuriating in the smell and feel of he.r juices against he.r face before cramming them in he.r mouth and sucking them clean like the worthless whore this sissy has become.

Thank you my Mistress for allowing this sissy he.r release, this sissy will work to the best of he.r abilities to ensure that the next report is not so long in arriving.

Love and Kisses
Your obedient sissy

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