Masturbation 101

wendy4313 | 01.15.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - sissySexuality

sissy wendy was so excited to get the email that said it was to be sissies first special day. s.he loved the fantasy that was attached to the letter about a sissy being totally used by 2 real men,. wendy wonders if s.he can ever bring herself to let a real man use her sissy pussy. sissy has had experience with rubber cocks but to date has never experienced the real thing, my old Mistress use to tease sissy that s.he would experience this but it never did occur. The fantasy had sissy’s clit hard in no time flat so sissy edged using only 2 fingers like masturbation 101 taught her But did not allow herself to climax. wendy wanted to make sure that when s.he did finish there would be a nice load so that wemdy could experience their 1st taste of cum. Wendy then decided to take a nice lavender scented bath and shave themselves so that s.he would be nice and silky smooth, then wendy put on a nice pretty pair of panties and a silk slip type top and logged in to see if anyone was on the sissysex chat but nobody was around so wendy decided to watch a few sissy training videos and edged a few times during them. wendy continued to check the chat channel and finally another sissy logged into it and we chatted back and forth some. Turns out it was the 1st time for both of us. sissy thinks the chat got both of us hot again so after we finished wendy decided to allow herself the pleasure that she desired and had been waiting for since joining this House and sissy got comfortable in her bed and spread her legs and then proceeded to masturbate using only her thumb and 1 finger, after about 3 minutes of this sissy inserted a small cockhead shaped butt plug about 3 inches long like her clitty and stroked her sissy clit faster and with a bit more pressure until s.he exploded a nice size load of sissy slut juice. Wanting to be sure that sissy did not chicken out and not taste it wendy immediately scooped it up with the finger that had been used and stuck that finger into her mouth and sucked it all down imagining that she was sucking on a real cock. sissy was really surprised it tasted real good and sissy was sad to think about all of the sissy slut juice that s.he had wasted over the years. Look out I think the House of Sissify might be creating another sissy slut here. Then after that sissy took another nice bubble bath and read a few sissy fantasy’s and decided s.he needed to taste her sissy cum 1 more time before her special day was over and after only 1 hour since the 1st time sissy masturbated again with her thumb and one finger and when her sissy slut juice came out did not waste a drop. Wendy can now hardly wait for her next special day but will cause the waiting is what makes them special and deserved.



  1. sissy sarah

    good job not getting scared and gobbling down that sissy cum! your sissy sister is proud of you. make sure to never waste a drop or your superiors wont be too happy and we dont want that.



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