Getting Real

Devil’s in the Details

nina-7 | 01.21.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Getting Real

Recently sissy got fully dressed over a whole weekend. Although she tempted a lot of men over the Internet, she couldn’t find a mistress. However, sissy wore new and well-ironed blouses, white and blue, and pencil skirts, blue and grey. She practised walking in her heels (5 inch) and she admits it was very difficult at first. Eventually, though, sissy found that if she swings her hips to and fro the heels become steadier. She was completely shaved, and the wig, makeup and corset put the finishing touches on a body that finally looked like a tall female. She used a lot of foundation and powder, but that was a good thing as after this it was so difficult to see what nina used to look like. Unfortunately, however, sissy has not done this for two months and does not even wear panties on a day to day basis. Please tell me – has she passed?


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