Foot Worship

Foot worship

ssandy | 01.28.2016 | Assignment Reports, Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy first is deeply sorry for the slow rate of assignment submittal and hopes that You will spare some of Your precious time to look at sandys pathatic efforts towards service and sissyfication.
As this slut stater in her earlier report that she had put moisturiser on her Superiors feet, sandy has made this a daily activity in the past few weeks.

Further during the holidays sandy has taken to washing Owners feet after Her daily walk and putting moisturieser on it sandy has on one occasion playfully kissed those devine feet. By now Owner knows sandy has a this for feet and lets sandy care for Her feet every day after her walk while She watches TV without a second thought and sandy dose not even pretend to watch TV any more and focuses all her attention on her Owners Devine Feet, slut sandy lives looking foreward to the smell texture of those Devine Feet and hope one day she will be able to worship Them with her mouth.

After the wash with the water bowl and wet cloth cleaing and washing the whole foot sandy also takes Owners walking shoes and puts them in place and cleans them, while the she puts the socks in the laundry bin( and some times sniffing them).

sissy is also cleaning Mistresses other heels and slippers but Mistress dose not trust this sissy to handle them yet so She dose not really allow sissy to mannage all her footwear.

Apart from this sissy has been a good host in several parties now and has served dinner in them also all the while smiling and talking to everyone, sissy had previously not been very pleased to cook or even attend some of mistresses parties but now has seen the error of her ways and is always smiliing because the sissys likes or doslike dont count for the guests invited by Her.


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